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How Do You Know if There are Termites in Your House - We'll help you
How Do You Know if There are Termites in Your House

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The thermite’s favorite food is wood, every home in the United States needs to know how to protect against termites. The damage to property that termites can do is estimated at thousands of dollars.
There are several ways to prevent the termite nesting in your field.
And make them not come back to visit you.

What are the Signs of Termites in your Home

1. Signs of Life

Look for thermals in the inaccessible areas, like behind the kitchen doors, behind furniture.
Look for their wings.
The termites usually drop their wings, the difference between the termites and ants is that the termites’ antennae are straight, unlike the ants whose antennae are bent at the edge.

The wings of the termites are rounded at the edges, compared to the wings of the ants which are pointed a little at the edge.
I have attached a picture to illustrate.

2. Locating the Termite Home

Look for sawdust in the home areas.
Terminals begin to spread into the house from the roof and windows, you will start looking for sawdust in these areas.
If you find a sawdust there are holes in it too, try locating them and tapping the wooden beam to see if it is hollow.


3. Termites on the Walls

The termite tunnels inside the walls tend to be close to the surface,
Look for cracks in color, this is a sign that termites have formed colonies within the walls of the house.
You will also notice bubbles formed on the wall.


4. The Roof

If you have trees near the roof of the house,
It is important to check your attic, the termites tend to migrate to the house roof from the nearest tree.
Go to the attic with a flashlight and diagnose the beams Look for the signs of sawdust and holes in the wooden beams.
Perform the same test in your basement.


If you have a suspicion that you have termites at home, call an expert immediately,
It is important to call an expert to do a thorough examination throughout the house.
It is important that you know the obvious signs of termites and that you recognize them as soon as possible and avoid thousands of dollars in damage.

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