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Keep Snakes Away from Your House - We'll help you get the job done
Keep Snakes Away from Your House

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As we get closer to the summer season, the snakes favorite season.
We need to know what to do to keep them away from our yard and home,
There are lots of ways to keep snakes away from home.
I have listed here the ways I deal with them each year.

1. Mow Grass

The snakes prefer high grass so that they can hide from birds in the sky.
Make sure you cut your lawn at least 5 cm high

2. Don’t Water Your Lawn

Don’t water your lawn too much, it develops worms in the ground that snakes are attracted to.

3. Branches

Cut the branches of shrubs that are close to the ground.
The snakes love these places with the shadow.
Note the branches of the trees close to the roof of the house, do not let the branches get too close to the roof of the house.

4. Bird Feeder

If you have a bird feeder make sure you clean the bottoms,
The food falls down and attracts rodents, and they attract snakes

5. Cracks

Snakes love cracks and crevices because they are cool and they are exactly the right fit for them.
The cracks can also be used by other pests that can attract the snakes.
So before the summer season, use filler and fill the cracks around the house and garden and paths.

6. Landscape

Avoid using mulch and large rock in your landscaping.
It’s their natural habitat in nature, so don’t give them the right living conditions for them.


Use traps in strategic locations for snakes,
Like woodpile, roof, pile of rocks.
Do not use kill traps.

If you notice a snake, call the animal control immediately in case the snake is poisonous. But if you only know a garden snake (non-toxic) and you want it gone,
Just spray them with water

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