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Home Inspection DIY - We'll help you get the job done
Home Inspection DIY

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

You decided you wanted to buy a new home and do the Home Inspection DIY.
But before you make a home bid, it’s important that you do some basic testing yourself. To discover unusual problems at home that could cost you a lot of money later.
Follow the tips I give here to avoid mistakes.

Required Tools For This Project

  • Flashlight
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Stepladder

Look For Water Damage

  • Look for a color change in the walls.
  • Stains on the walls indicate water damage in the plumbing system.
  • Stains on the ceiling indicate a roof obstruction problem.
  • Look at the corners of the rooms and look for black spots that indicate mold buildup as a result of water infiltration.
  • Go down to the basement and touch the concrete walls with a bare hand, feeling if it has moisture on it

Water Pressure.

  • Check water pressure.
  • Open the water tap in the bathroom sink and at the same time flush the toilet pay attention to the noises of the sink.
  • Run all tap at home and make sure the water drains well.
  • Check that the water pipe enters the wall and not the floor, if the pipe is facing the floor that probably made repairs in the same area.

Windows & Doors

Replacing windows is not cheap.
Check the opening and closing of the windows as they close properly throughout the house. A window problem can indicate serious damage to the home’s foundations
If it is in one window of the house then you should probably replace the axle.
But if the windows don’t close in most of the house, stay away from this house! You can also do the same Inspection test for the home doors.Home Inspection

Electric Safety

Turn on all electrical appliances in the home, note that there are no power outages.
Turn on appliances that consume a lot of electricity, a kettle, oven, air conditioner.
At least one device in each room.
There may be a serious electrical problem at home if it fails to satisfy these requirements.

These tests are most basic for those who want to buy a new home
If you have a small doubt about one of the things I have listed here, I recommend that you hire a home inspector. The cost is between $ 300 and $ 500.

I would recommend you read the helpful article I wrote: Important things you should know when buying a house?

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