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Tips For Creating The Ultimate Man Cave - We'll help you get the job done
Tips For Creating The Ultimate Man Cave

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

Building this Man cave is one of the most fun projects you’ll ever build. Because it’s yours!
This is your pleasure room where you can host your best friends. And take pride in it and the work you created.
I have listed some things to help you plan your Man cave in a way that will amaze everyone

Measuring The Room

Take exact dimensions of the room, sketch them on google sketchup or any free software.
Start placing the electrical devices where you think they will be best used.
Always add another 5 10 cm to have a roomy action.


Prepare a proper plumbing system, beer tap, bathroom sink if needed, and toilet.
Notice that alcohol tends to clog pipes as it goes through a chemical process inside the tube.
So consider relatively wide pipes.


Always go for a combination wood look with the metal that is the coolest look you can ask for.
To save money I recommend you do the shopping at THRIFT STORE
You will know how to buy in THRIFT STORE the best way.

Central Game

Always make sure there is a major attraction in the room.
If it’s a pool table, a poker table.

Display And Sound

Find the TV screen that matches the dimensions of your room so you can see the best picture.
In addition, paired speakers in the trail chose a high quality cinema atmosphere.
I wrote a short article here on how to create the perfect Audio room

Seating Area

A seating area is also the nerve center of your Man cave
This is where you sit and laugh and smoke and just talk.
If you choose comfortable sofas, I recommend choosing sofas made from synthetic and non-fabric covers
This way you can maintain the cleanliness over time.

Air Conditioning

For anyone who asks me I always recommend the Evaporative Cooler
Really effective in closing places.
It is important to check the humidity levels in the room.
And if a man cave is in the basement you don’t have to use water to cool the room, you just want air flowing in the room.


Lighting is a major effect in the Man cave,
Choose LED lighting to save electricity, choose lighting in the colors you like, install a light regulator to control how much light you want in the room.

Hang Signs

Hang signs of bands you love, brands you consume.
Or of beautiful women.
To create an atmosphere that you feel free and enjoy.

Your Hobby

We have designed a place for your hobby, every cave in my opinion should be a homebrewing position.
It’s just so much fun to start homebrewing and after that you just get drunk from the stuff you created.
I have some good tips if you want to start homebrewing

Of course it doesn’t have to be homebrewing it can be anything you like and it’s part of your hobby.
But it must be in your Man cave

Hope you enjoyed reading and understanding the basic things you should think of a Man cave.
I think you’ll succeed send me pictures.

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