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How to Spot Foundation Issues Around the House - We'll help you
How to Spot Foundation Issues Around the House

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Cracking problems in walls and floor can indicate a more serious problem in the foundations of the house.
But how do I know if my problem is serious or is it normal and I have nothing to worry about.
In this article I will come up with the common methods to check if you have a problem with house foundations.
It is important to know that repairing a home with failed foundations can reach up to $ 20,000

1. Checking windows

Check the windows and doors that they easily close without difficulty closing.
Basics problem twist the structure of the house so checking windows and doors is a sign that there is a basics problem.
But sometimes the windows and doors need a little oiling or directing the hinges.
So before drawing any conclusions, make sure that the hinges do not need oiling or replacement

2. Plaster marks

As the house begins to move, the walls and ceilings begin to compress into each other, and the resulting pressure causes some of the plaster to fall.
If this happens in one room, there is probably nothing to fear and probably only a few repairs of the plaster.
If the plaster falls in the corners of the rooms there is probably a serious problem.

3. Basement

Check out basement smelly, look for watermarks on the walls,
Sometimes when the house tends to move away from the Foundation, wall plumbing starts to crack. And water begins to seep into the bottom of the house.
Mold and moisture begin to accumulate on the basement walls.
Sometimes it can also be a leaking gutter so it is important to clean it safely.

4. Mold

Similar to basement mold, mold tends to accumulate in the corners of the home. (Cleaning the mold is easy work.)
The reason may be that there is an internal crack in the house wall, the water seeps from the roof directly into the wall, and tends to build up.
Therefore, it is important before you draw any conclusions to check water leaks in the roof.

5. Gaps between windows and walls

Spacing between the windows and the walls of the house indicates that the house is moving or sinking, sometimes it is a simple fix with a dedicated seal for this type of work.
But if the problem is repeated, it is a sign that the house continues to sink and should call an expert.

How to Spot Foundation Issues Around the House

6. Bowed Walls

When the foundations of the house begin to move,
And like anything that squeezes into itself you will see twisted walls.
If you are not sure that it is difficult to see it in the human eye, check with Toolbox Level.

7. Your Chimney

The first sign you should notice when the house starts to move is the chimney is high and it is always there and once you notice its small bend you need to check it soon.

 8. Nails Popping Out 

When there is pressure on the house structure nails begin to come out of the wall.
Simply because of the pressure created on them.
In most cases this is simply an easy fix so don’t panic.

9. Holes

Spaces around the house structure, if you notice it sometimes it can be a serious problem but sometimes it’s just the soil that has collapsed into itself. And this is normal during a rainy season.

Ultimately friends if you notice one problem from what I have listed here does not mean you have a Home Foundation problem.
You have to understand that the ground beneath us is in constant motion, and there are things that are normal.
If you’re not sure, just call an expert.

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