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Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips - We'll help you get the job done
Basic Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

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We all want a green lawn throughout the year,
So we can have a BBQ and sit down and enjoy our beautiful lawn.
The grass needs constant care, and with the right knowledge you can get the greenest grass in the neighborhood.
In this article I will talk to you about some of the methods I use to keep the grass green.

Mow Your lawn

The lawn should be cut during the summer once a week and during the winter the lawn should be cut at least twice a month, constant cutting encourages the expansion and strengthening of the lawn.
In summer the lawn height should be between 5 and 10 cm, make sure the blades are always sharp. Check out which lawn mower is best for you.

Best Riding Lawn Mowers for the Money in 2020
Best Riding Lawn Mowers for the Money in 2020

Water Your lawn

Young lawn should be watered more frequently, use sprinklers to ensure water flow to all lawn areas.
We recommend watering the lawn in the early hours of the morning.
During the summer, water the lawn at least twice a week.
If you feel it is not enough, put your finger under the lawn and feel if there is moisture in the soil.

Kill The Weeds

The weeds in the lawn block the air to the lawn roots so it is important to eliminate them quickly before starting the pollination process.
Use non-toxic substances to kill the weeds
I made a short and safe method here

The lawn Needs Oxygen

Sometimes the roots in the lawn crowd together and block the air from entering the ground.
What to do If you spot dense areas in lawn or yellow, just put a garden fork to a depth of 15 cm and you will see how lawn starts to grow back within a week.

Trim The Edges

Bound the lawn so that it does not grow on the paths, and do not expand the roots in places you do not want.

Feed Him Right

The lawn should usually be fertilized in the spring,
Be sure to use a quality fertilizer that matches the type of grass you have.
Every time of year has a suitable fertilizer Not all fertilizers are suitable for all seasons.

After reading this short article, I believe you will be able to prepare your lawn for the summer season.
Lawn care requires proper maintenance but the results Are paying off.

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