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How to Use Vinegar & Salt As a Weed Killer - We'll help you
How to Use Vinegar & Salt As a Weed Killer

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Vinegar has proven itself over the years to many problems in our daily lives
It is environmentally friendly, we can use it as a weed killer in the access ways. To your lawn and to your garden room.
The only downside to the vinegar is that it does not last for a long time and you will have to repeat it at least 4 times a year, but for me it is fine as long as I use non-toxic equipment to remove the weeds in my garden
In this article I will briefly explain how to remove weeds using non-toxic substances in your garden.

  • Pour one gallon of 5% vinegar into the bucket.
    You can also use 10% vinegar if you feel the weeds are hard to remove, or they have already developed deep roots.
  • Add one cup of regular salt into the bucket, stirring well until the salt dissolves into the mixture.
  • Mix half a cup of hand-washing soap and mix, it will help the vinegar and salt to stick harder to the weeds.
  • Pour the herb killer mix you made into a spray bottle/ You can also use Garden Pump Sprayer for convenience if you have a large lawn.
  • Choose a sunny, dry day to do this job to get good results.
    Spray on the weed until it is all soaked in the mixtures we have prepared.

My tip –

Make a little hole with a stick. To the grass trunk.
And sprayed into the soil, it will prevent the grass from growing in the same place again.

Hope you enjoyed it, it wasn’t that hard I told you.
And if you have any questions please comment below, I really think you should use non-toxic substances to kill the weeds in your garden.
Tell me if it worked for you I really want to hear.

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