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How to Use Vinegar Clean a Shower head low pressure - We'll help you
How to Use Vinegar Clean a Shower head low pressure

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If you have a Shower Head low pressure I can help! The water in the shower goes in different directions or does not come out at all
A sign that the shower head was blocked by clogged.
In a short process it can be solved easily and quickly.
Just keep reading and I promise you success!

  • Use a scraper sponge to rub the holes in the shower head
    To remove dry debris.
  • Preparing the mixture, we will use 5% vinegar, the correct amount in my opinion is 60% vinegar 40% water. Pour the mixes into a plastic bag large enough for you to tie it to the shower head.
  • Place the bag with the mixture around the shower head, it is important that all the shower heads are soaked in vinegar. Use Cable Tie to secure the bag.
  • Allow to soak for at least half an hour to one hour.
  • Remove the bag from the shower head, open hot water to rinse the residue.

 shower head

My Tip

Hi I hope this solved the problem for you and if you don’t take a few more tips you will surely help.
You can use a mixture of salt and lemon 60% lemon 40% salt dissolve the solution in hot water,

And if that didn’t help you either, unscrew the shower head and place it in a bucket with the mixes, mix it and give it a little flap to release the hard buildup inside, This should solve the Shower Head low pressure problem.

I am giving you a short article on Common Plumbing Problems
And ways to solve them, very useful to homeowners

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