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How To Spot a Fake, Fraudulent Or Scam Website - We'll help you
How To Spot a Fake, Fraudulent Or Scam Website

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Some ways to decode Scam Website, fraud or fraudulent
It can be difficult to find a fake site but it’s worth the effort,
Scammers are very knowledgeable and good at creating compelling websites, it’s their profession!
It is important that you perform these tests before purchasing on the Internet
Follow these simple steps to check if a website is legitimate or not

Check The Domain Name

Many fraudulent sites will use a domain name that refers to a brand or a known product name. But will not be the official site,
They will use their domain component in top brands like Apple Samsung Best Buy.
Sites ending in net or .org.
You can also check for fraud on the Australian Government website


Fraud sites use big discounts to attract visitors, check the price, it can’t be too low than the market price.
Always check large shopping sites for the original price I always check on Amazon.

Bank transfer

If you pay through bank transfer, you have no way to get the money back. If you paid by credit or PayPal, you can appeal the payment.
A site that requests a bank transfer payment is usually a fraud & Scam Website.

Browse the site

If you came across a great deal, browse the site and read reviews, check for spelling mistakes.
Check the contact page A self-respecting website will have a contact page, Try calling the site.
If there is no such information on the site, stay away it’s a Scam Website.

Check the returns policy  

If the company sells products online, it must have a shipping and return policy listed on its website.
If it is a real company it should give you a reliable address to send the product back.
Take a look at Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions See what he plans to do with the data you share

Age of the site

Check the age of the site
If the age of the site is less than a year, it should signal a warning ,It could be that it’s a Scam Website.

Online reviews

Check the dates of the reviews if there are too many reviews written on the same product that day.
Check the spelling of the reviews if they were written by that same person.

Look for a padlock

A lock next to a site’s URL means the site is encrypted, so credit numbers can’t be stolen – such as browse or make payments. Make sure there is this check.

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