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How to Choose a Fertilizer For Your Garden & lawn - We'll help you
How to Choose a Fertilizer For Your Garden & lawn

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To ensure the well-being of your garden plants and lawns, it is important to know which fertilizer to use, choosing a suitable fertilizer for your garden can be very confusing because there are simply many different and varied types.
This dilemma will accompany you as long as you have a garden, but I can give you some ways to choose the most suitable fertilizer.


The fertilizer itself provides elements to your plants that do not naturally exist in your garden, so you need to add the elements to your soil to prevent disease or protection.
The elements that exist in most fertilizers – nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.
Before you know what your soil needs you will need to do some PH testing for the soil.

The elements

  • Nitrogen
    Gives your lawn the green color you want so much, thickens the cell wall in the plant, allowing your lawn to be more dense and thick and natural protection against pests and bugs.
  • Potassium works along with nitrogen in making the roots and foliage strong. It will enhance the plant’s ability to resist drought, wear and tear, as well as diseases and cold weather.
  • Phosphorus works below the surface and helps to grow roots, usually it is added before the flowering season of the plant, so you can get large and beautiful flowers that will turn into vegetables or fruits afterwards.

Buy a Fertilizer

Each fertilizer contains these three elements, they are marked on the packaging 30 -20 -10 (in this order – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) which represent the active percentage of the element in the fertilizer.
Every blend of fertilizer is different and important to know what your garden needs.

For example, if there is more potassium in fertilizer it will prepare your garden for winter, more phosphorus will give you more flowers. That’s why it’s important to know what your garden needs to handle to give it the best fertilizer.
Things to consider – the type of soil, time of year, the climate in the regions, and the type of plant of course, you do not want to give your plants too much fertilizer.

Fertilizer Types


Grain types are very popular because of their longevity and ease of use. The grains usually dry in a bag form. All you need is a tool like a Scotch fertilizer distributor to implement them. Before use, be sure to read the bag, as there are two different types of granular fertilizers: slow release formulas and quick release. Slow release formulas can provide fertilization for two to six months (time varies based on heat and water).

When it comes to quick release types, the nutrients are released faster, which works better for cold weather. Quick release fertilizers usually cost less. When using these fertilizers, it is important to apply the right amount or else you are at risk of burning your plants. The key factor in achieving the best results is irrigation.

Liquid fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers usually come in concentrated liquid form and are applied through a hose and nozzle or spray bottle. These fertilizers are mixed with water before application. These fertilizers are easy to use but it is important to understand that they are not long lasting. The nutrients are immediately available to the roots and leaves. This type of fertilizer should be reapplied relatively often. More expensive option for fertilizer.

Synthetic fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers are chemically produced. These are engineered fertilizers specially made to ensure immediate release of nutrients by rapidly penetrating the soil. The disadvantage of this type of fertilizer is that the results last a very long time, so they must be applied frequently. Another disadvantage is that they can burn your plants if they are not applied correctly.

Organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are made from living organisms once and their products are produced. They can be applied with a fertilizer distributor, rake or even by hand. These are completely natural solutions and tend to decompose slowly when nitrogen is released. They are great for improving the texture and density of your lawn, and are a great way to change your soil or sand. The downside to using fertilizers of this type is that they usually have a strong (scent) smell.

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