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Windshield Crack Repair - 6 Steps - We'll help you get the job done
Windshield Crack Repair – 6 Steps

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Will my insurance company cover a crack windshield?

Glass repair In most cases included in the comprehensive insurance, there is an absolute prohibition in most states to drive with a cracked windshield, if you have insurance coverage contact your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Should I Repair or Replace my car windshield?

Windshield replacement is pretty much for the non-handyman,
There are times you can fix it yourself.

When to replace a windshield?

If you have a cracked windshield it should be replaced when there are more than three cracks. Or when the damage is in front of the driver’s side.
A cracked windshield repair costs between $ 100 and $ 150.
When a windshield replacement costs around $ 350 to $ 400.

When should windshield be repaired?

If your crack is not over 3 inches, you can fix it without replacing the entire windshield for $ 400, workshop repair costs $ 50.
If you choose to make a DIY repair, you can purchase up to $ 20 windshield repair kit at the harbor freight shop near to you.
Here are some steps and tips for fixing a DIY windshield.

DIY Windshield Repair Steps

Be sure to follow the instructions below, in the best way, for your own safety while driving a vehicle.

Prepare the Area 

That must be done inside the garage or in a shaded area.
The material should dry slowly, the sun can accelerate the process and the quality of the repair will be poor.
vacuum the crack area to make sure the area is free of glass and dust particles. Every piece of dirt or dust will damage the quality of the repair, and we want the windshield repair to be of the highest quality.

Place the Mount 

Your repair kit should have an assembly and suction cups that should be attached to the windshield. Assemble this work center directly on the crack and press it down so that the suction cups are firmly attached to the glass.

Screw in Resin Tool

When the rod is over the defective area, screw the white repair tube to the center of the suction cup tool. Do this slowly, making sure that only one of the (widest) white tubes is screwed to the center.

Proper alignment of the tools in the kit is essential for repairing the windshield cracks, so we recommend checking the threaded pipe location. You can check the pipe alignment out of the car. The circular rubber area at the edge of the pipe should strike directly around the crack in the windshield.

Add Drops of Resin 

Resin is the liquid solution included in most evaluation. It eventually hardens and replaces the broken glass parts. Uncover the resin, place the resin tip on the white tube to be serviced in the last step and gently squeeze until 6 resin drops . (read the manufacturer’s instructions you may need more or less drops).

Put the Plunger in the Resin Tool 

Immediately after adding the resin drops, insert the center plunger . (the narrowest white tube inside the wide white tube) and press down. The piston will force the resin into the affected area.
It is important to make sure the air weeks in the resin are kept to a minimum. That’s why we recommend fastening the center piston slowly, as well as gently tapping the glass around the crack. This way, some air escapes from the area.

Place Plastic Strip 

After a few minutes, if you are happy with the results, open the resin tool from the support piece and remove any parts that were attached to the windshield.
Now, for the final touch, simply add a drop of resin directly to the affected area and cover it with one of the plastic strips attached to the kit.

Next, park the car where it is exposed to the sun, and wait 10 minutes for the resin to dry.
After 10 minutes, simply peel off the plastic strip and use your razor to scrape and remove excess dry resin around the surface.

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