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What should I look for when buying a riding lawn mower - We'll help you
What should I look for when buying a riding lawn mower

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Well it’s time to buy yourself a new toy, there is a great variety of lawn mower, engine size and cutting capacity, speed, safety and many other things.
Here are some factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower.

The need for speed

Mowing speed depends on the engine, you have two possible choices on this topic you will need to choose between single-speed and multi-speed mowers.
A multi-speed mower seems to be the most popular as it lets users choose from a range of speed options.
This is also what I recommend you purchase.


The width of the deck depends on how you want to use your lawnmower.
You will need to maneuver between the small trees in your garden sometimes, so it’s important to choose a lawnmower with a deck width that suits your needs.

You will also need to consider the winding paths, pay attention to these little details before you buy a lawn mower.

Engine power

The ideal engine power for a yard of ½ and 3 acres will range from 12 to 26 hp.
It’s enough for you to do all your work and your neighbors if you want! an even terrain requires less power compared to a rugged or hilly terrain.


A relatively small yard requires a rear engine mount which is usually designed to work with smaller decks and lower engine power between 11 and 15 HP. This type of engine is great for maneuvering especially for lawns with many factors in the field
A yard with large lawns will need a front engine mount designed for a larger deck size, and provide an engine that best fits the type of work required 18HP to 26 HP.

Maintenance Tips

The sharpness of the blade

A lawn mower blade can cause damage to your lawn.
Keep your blades sharp all the time, especially after a long time when the lawnmower was stored.


Your mower’s bottom must be cleaned after each use to prevent grass and debris clogging. I use a pressure washer that just does the perfect job of cleaning

Engine oil

Remember to check engine oil before each use, the lawnmower engines need more oil to operate because they do not have a water cooling system like there is in vehicles. Old oil, contaminated oil should be replaced, use only the right type of oil for your lawnmower.


To allow the engine to work optimally, the filter should be cleaned after three uses, at least once a year the air filter must be replaced, or if you notice any abnormalities.

Nuts and Bolts

Before using your mower, check for loose bolts and screws so that your mower is safe to use.
You do not want flying screws he will become bullets


Cover the lawn mower when you are not using it in a dedicated cover to prevent dust accumulation and animals.

If you have engine problems, an explanation video is attached

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