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Garden room is very easy to get started - We'll help you get the job done
Garden room is very easy to get started

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

A garden room is your next project!
Being home but also in the garden have you thought about it?
It’s just so comfortable and hypnotize, just create a little space outside for a few moments of quiet and privacy.
Your guests will feel they are on vacation.
Garden rooms do not have to be expensive, you can create one yourself with some stones and wooden boards. Plan the budget based on the size of the room if you are planning for three to five people. You will just upgrade your life with a garden room I promise you.
Here are some tips I wrote for you


For what purposes are you building the room?
A place to sit for a romantic dinner, read a book, host a guest, have a good glass of wine at the end of the day?
Set the goal and you can design the garden room right!

Quiet please

Think about how far the garden room will be from your balcony.
I positioned it far away, because the kids love to play on the balcony and I want a little quiet sometimes with a good glass of whiskey.


Do you want the main view to be the house or trees or flowers or anything else.
When I am in a garden room I prefer to break away from home and get a little quiet from nature.
Your view, in my opinion, should be addressed to someone who is not urban.

Higher is better

If you have high places in the garden it is your first priority to place the room in this place.
So that we can see the landscape, if not you always be increased with some boulders, depending on the budget.


Think again about the amount of people a garden room needs to host, and what furniture you’ll need inside.
There is a lot of furniture today that is just folding, and expands the space of the room, highly recommended and saves a lot of space in the room.


What enclosure do you want for yourself?
High, low, made of plants or wood?
Think about the enclosure, there are loads of designs, I designed my garden room with a thrift store, lots of cheap stuff you can fence your environment with minimum investment but it looks amazing.

The atmosphere

Think about which plants you are going to plant there?
Think about which pests these plants will attract to them.
Maybe you prefer plants that singing birds will attract.
You want weeds, flowers, plants.
Make your own landscape.

The night

The garden room sometimes looks better at night than during the day,
The lighting you want to have your name on,
Gives you a romantic and sensual atmosphere.


You may want to have a lot of different elements in the room, but the garden room should be maintained if it is for oiling the wood, or the flowers in the garden if they are seasonal or they bloom all year round.
You don’t want an overpriced garden room.
So choose the right material you build, and the right plants that do not take much care.

You might be interested in reading first steps in a vegetable garden.

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