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Tools shop

Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

Before i deciding to design my home, we examined the cost of new materials and furniture.
We found out that the prices are just crazy and we can’t afford it. We decided to go to the Thrift Store and design the house this way!
Everyone can do it on their own with a 9 simple TIP wrote down to get you the best deals.

1. Finding Thrift Store

Find the thrift store at Google Map
Check the reviews and see pictures.
Make you a list of three four thrift stores that you think will best suit you, in terms of the products they sell.


Shop in the expensive areas of your town. The donated items will be better there! Also pay attention to prices from location to location. I’ve noticed that in better parts of town, the prices are more expensive. When I want books (that I can find anywhere), I go to the location I’ve noticed they are cheaper.

3. Demographics in the area

Think of the old people, when they donate something they had at home, it must be special, that’s how I built my collection of glasses.

4. The right day

Check when the right day is when they receive the goods,
They have days when they collect goods on demand, sometimes it’s twice a week or one day a week.
You should know this because the new goods are always hijacked the fastest.

5. Sales

Make friends with the shop employees, they are your spies
Find out when they have sales days I bought a mirror for an incredible price 15$

6. Seasons

Know your area of residence, and when people like to renew, usually at the beginning of the year.
You can also see what’s thrown on the streets and know when the donation season begins.
It’s the best time to buy good products!

7. Focused

Make a targeted list, no need to buy things you don’t need. You can also buy more stuff if you stay focused!

8. Think creatively

A simple metal box or vase that costs $ 2 can be used for a variety of things at home.
Just activate your imagination!, Look for new ideas on Pinterest

9. Use social networks

Always reveal the latest on Facebook or Craigslist,
You can find crazy products there

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