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6 Tips for better sound from your Audio rooms - improving your Audio room
6 Tips for better sound from your Audio rooms

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Music is for the soul

Why do we need music at all?
Music makes us happy, and all according to the sound quality produced by our sound system, poor quality sound brings us the appetite for music.
This article shows you some simple ways to improve the sound in your Audio room.

Digital your system

Digital music is converted to analog signals, for better sound Connect to an amplifier with built-in DAC Hi-Fi, or external DAC.
You will immediately feel the difference.

Streaming service 

GO to Spotify settings or any other streamers, and change the music streaming settings to the maximum.
Spotify can stream up to 320 kbps


Look how much musical information gets thrown out during the conversion process. Try bumping the bit rate up to 320 kbps.

Receiver settings

Use a pure or direct mode in your Receiver to provide the cleanest signal for speakers, this simply turns off unused parts.
See your Receiver manufacturer’s instructions.


A good stereo system in the right room, is just like desert water.
Try to position the speakers in the best way at your Audio rooms.
With some mathematical calculations you can place them in the appropriate place.
You can find it here.


The music is dynamic, even though we can’t see the sound waves being affected by everything in the Audio rooms.
Plastic metal wood furniture and more, it is important to place everything in the right position to achieve perfect acoustics.

You can read more about common problems at home

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