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How do i use pressure washer - We'll help you get the job done
How do i use pressure washer

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Just buy yourself a pressure washer because you thought you had to start your projects outside.
There are several types of pressure washers and different sizes, they are used by us for various jobs like cleaning decks, sidewalks, house walls, cars and more.
In this article I will explain to you how it works and how to use pressure washers.

Parts of a pressure water

  • Water Inlet – It is important to make sure that there is a filter, sometimes in our water system there is a small gravel that can go into the system and destroy it, in the worst case to explode!
    So make sure you connect the pressure washers to a water source through a suitable filter
  • Gas or electric motor – In most uses of our home we will use an electric motor.
    If you work on construction sites it is likely that the more gasoline engine will suit you, because there is not always a power source, the size of the engine is like a lawnmower.
    The main function of the engine is to operate the water pump
  • The water pump – the most important part of pressure washers, is driven by the engine,
    The pump pushes the water in a high pressure jet
    Most electric pressure washers create 1300-1700 PSI
    Small gas models create an average of 2000-2800 PSI
  • Hose for pressure washers –
    Hose of pressure washers made of two layers of dedicated plastic reinforced with iron wires.
    It is important to use a hose suitable for high pressure work up to at least 6000 PSI, or three times the pressure that the pressure cleaner produces.
  • Attachment – There are many attachments you can use, it all depends on the type of work you want to do, you have to choose the right attachment to do the job properly without destroying it.

How a pressure washer works

Some basic principles & we get started

  1. Soap flow into the hose
  2. Water flows through the water connection.
  3. The engine activates the pressure water.
  4. The pump pushes everything at high pressure through a nozzle, The pressure washer nozzle helps to increase the pressure and clean the surfaces more effectively. Used in pressure washers, you save about 70% of the water used.

How get started

Prep the Area

  • Move all the things you don’t want to clear off the ground.
  • I recommend covering furniture or plants that are important to you.
  • Note that there are no gravel or small objects, (they can become active missiles)

Select the Right Nozzle for your pressure washer

  • Red – 0 degrees spray removes hard dirt like oil and gum.
  • Yellow – 15 degrees spray, optimal for stripping a deck or siding.
  • Green – 25 degrees spray, designed for concrete and trails.
  • White – 40 degrees spray, used for areas near door windows and lighting fixtures.
  • Black – Spray 65 degrees, small projects and not too complex

Attach the Hose

  • Make sure the hose is connected to water supply through a filter (dedicated hose)
  • Connect the hose to the pressure washers.
  • Re-check that everything is plugged in, you don’t want things flying at 2000PSI pressure


  • Start the pressure washer low grade and increase accordingly.
  • Press the trigger per minute to get the air out of the system.
  • adjust the nozzle to suit your project needs.

Turn off

  • Turn off the switch.
  • Close the water source.
  • Click the trigger Release all pressure.
  • Disconnect the hose.

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