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Most Common House Problems - We'll help you get the job done
Most Common House Problems

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common problems household

Our home is a machine that works 24/7
From time to time we have problems in our House – with plumbing, roof damage and low water pressure in the shower.
I will try to help solve some of the problems and how to maintain
This article is most often the problems at home that you can fix yourself.
them properly.
If you have any questions or suggestions
Please comment below

The Roof Leaks

If you have water leakage to the roof
It may be damaged shingles, it may be only one part and you can replace it alone, sometimes the shingles move from wind and rain.
A leaking gutter into the house, a link to an article I recently wrote about leaking gutter. (This plumbing problem is very common.)

 Low water pressure in the shower

Pressure regulating devices –
You can call the plumber or check, or replace your home’s water pressure regulator Normal water pressure is between 40 and 60 PSI.
This is not a complicated fix if you are handymen (This plumbing problem is common.)

Home Water Valves –
Check the water valves in your home, sometimes they tend to be off because of the grinding of the material.
Go to the home water box and make sure it is ON.
Easy fix.

Accumulation within pipes –
If you live in an old house, you will probably have accumulated residue inside the pipe, in which case you will not be able to do much on your own.Plumbing is a common problem

Pipe leaks –
The best way to check water leaks, close all the water taps in the house. Go to the water meter box and see if the clock is spinning, if it is spinning and all the taps are closed.
Sometimes it’s just pipe connections that can be repaired alone or call the plumber.

Sticking drawers

It’s a common problem in any home in the United States you can always do it alone.
In most cases, this is a drawers fault.
If it is drawers with wooden rails just apply wax to the drawer and cupboard area.
You can buy parts at the harbor freight shop near to you
Or at Home Depot store

Cracks in the walls

Wall cracks are constantly appearing at home.
This will always be a common problem in all homes and nothing to worry about.
Get fine surface filler from harbor freight shop near to you
Or at Home Depot store.
just apply surface filler on the cracks, let the material dry a little and paint it properly.

Air Conditioner Problems

Air Conditioning I recommend calling a professional.
I will list the common problems with air conditioning.
And how to maintain them properly.


How to prevent air conditioner problems

  1. Air filters, take care of their cleanliness once a month, and if they require replacement do it. (You can use a compressor for this task)
  2. They can cause coils to freeze and the compressor can destroy.
  3. Check holes in air conditioner ducts, air can get out and cause waste of energy, there are proper stickers for that.
  4. Good control system, accurate thermostat saves electricity and saves you headaches.And they can always be controlled via the smartphone
  5. Keep cleaning around the air conditioning unit outside, dirt can cause problems with airflow into the condenser (You can use a compressor for this task)

Take care of proper maintenance and always check the air conditioner during the springtime to make it function properly during the summer months.

I was happy to help you friends if you have any questions
Please comment below

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