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How do you use a miter saw? - We'll help you get the job done
How do you use a miter saw?

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Tips And Tricks Every Woodworker Should Know

Being a dedicated woodworker is one of the first tools you will buy yourself is a Miter saw.
The principle of the saw is relatively simple and easy to implement, we have a variety of saw types.
There are over thirty different types of saws, each saw is for a different purpose.
The most common ones I use are:

  1. miter saw
  2. Table saw
  3. Band Saw
  4. Chain Saw
  5. Circular Saw (Rotary Saw)

In today’s article I will try to give you tips on miter saw that every beginning woodworker should know.

Miter saw stand

Always use the miter saw status and accuracy of your work depending on it.
Working without a stand or work on a floor is almost impossible, if you want to do precise work.
Think of it like your cup of coffee 🙂


If you want to do accurate and smooth work
I recommend working with a laser.
You can buy the attache at the freight shop near to you or at Home Depot.

Using stop blocks

With stop blocks you can make matching cuts every time.
If you make a furniture or workshop, or you are on a construction site,
Using stop blocks will make your job much better.

Reach maximum speed

Before you start cutting let the saw reach its maximum speed,
Hold the piece of wood tight.
You lifting the saw when it comes to a full stop.


You will always use a high quality blade, this directly affects the quality of your woodwork.
The price difference between a high quality blade and a cheap blade is a few bucks.
When replacing the blade make sure it is tightly closed.


Before getting started –
Wear protective glasses, hearing protection, dust mask.
Remove jewelry rings and necklaces and bracelets from your body.
These things can be caught while working.
Check that the blade fence is working
Mark the hazardous places in red color (blade area)

Use clamps

This part is also related to safety, but also to the quality of work.
The saw rotates at 4000 RPM.
Just try to imagine if your part is not clamps properly

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