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Common Plumbing Problems - We'll help you get the job done
Common Plumbing Problems

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Plumbing problems are common in our home, and do not have to order a plumber.
The most common problems are the easiest to fix yourself.
Doing proper maintenance to your plumbing system can save you a lot of money during the year, as I said at the beginning there is no need to order a plumber.
I’ll try to go over the most common plumbing issues here.
If you have any questions please comment below.

What are the most common plumbing problems

Low Water Pressure

Pressure regulating devices –
You can call the plumber or check, or replace your home’s water pressure regulator Normal water pressure is between 40 and 60 PSI.
This is not a complicated fix if you are handymen (This plumbing problem is common.)

Home Water Valves –
Check the water valves in your home, sometimes they tend to be off because of the grinding of the material.
Go to the home water box and make sure it is ON.
Easy fix.

Accumulation within pipes –
If you live in an old house, you will probably have accumulated  clogged residue inside the pipe, in which case you will not be able to do much on your own, this is a residue Plumbing problem.

Pipe leaks –
The best way to check water leaks, close all the water taps in the house. Go to the water meter box and see if the clock is spinning, if it is spinning and all the taps are closed.
Sometimes it’s just pipe connections that can be repaired alone or call the plumber.

Slow Draining Sink

A sink that is slowly draining is a common problem in our home.
Usually because of waste and hair collected, go to the service door under the sink to open the Sink Drain Pipes and drain all the waste into the bucket, you can use  zip-it.
I recommend rinsing the Sink Drain Pipes in warm water before returning it.

Dripping Faucets

A drip tap can cost us a lot of money at the end of the month, it may be a few drops of water, but they flow 24/7.
In most cases tap leaks, this is caused by ground rubber bands inside the tap mechanism.
You can replace the rubber bands alone, you can replace the tap, and you can call the plumber, depending on you,
Rubber bands and spare parts can be found at Home Depot or at the harbor freight shop near to you

Clogged Bath or Shower Drain

As with a regular sink, the cause is the same cause, garbage and hair.
If you have a service door underneath, open it and clean the pipe.
I offer three easy-to-apply techniques.
1. Plunger
2. Plumber’s Snake
3. You can pour a mixture of salt & lemon in hot water into the hole, I prefer it over the use of dangerous chemicals.
You can use these recommendations in any Draining Sink you have at home.

Clogged Toilet

When the toilet bowl is filling and not draining, you have a clog
You can use the techniques I explained in the section above.
If that doesn’t help, find the doorway outside your home and work with the Plumber’s Snake from the other direction.
If that doesn’t help
You can use a water pressure gun or regular tube (from outside)

Running Toilet

It can cost you a lot of money for this leak.
The only source of the problem is a faulty valve.
Sometimes it is caught due to precipitation, clean the valve area.
You can pour a Clog Remover mix with hot water into the water tank,
The mix should be in the toilet bowl for about an hour.

If the problem is repeated, replace a toilet valve

If you have any questions and suggestions
Please comment below

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