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Important things you should know when buying a house? - 10 Must Know
Important things you should know when buying a house?

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

You’re going to Buying your dream house
You know exactly what he’ll look like.
Have you really thought about what you need and what you want?
Have you really thought about the whole thing?
Did you take the time to think about it properly?

I will try to help you with my knowledge.
If you have any questions please comment below

Buying a house 15% below your budget,

  • You will always need or want to spend more money.
    You will always need to spend more money to make it your dream home.
    Don’t ever buy over your luggage, it will make you lose the joy of life (because of the bank)

Home systems


  • Check out the neighbors and the neighborhood, come to the property during rush hour, and at night. Also check the crime map in your area

Inspector before you Buying a house

  • Get the best home inspector you can find, you can use it in negotiation.
    Write down everything he says, and not be afraid to ask questions.


  • When you go to the bank you ask for a fixed interest rate!
    You thank me when the market changes. always bargain, there is always cheaper!


  • Check out the market in the neighborhood you want to buy.
    Don’t buy above market price, always buy below, that’s why you hired a home inspector.


  • Check out the best deal for mortgage insurance, always bargain, there is always cheaper!

To do list

  • Make a list of home repairs, first priority and second priority things, and you can check your budget.
    Ask for bids.

Poker face

  • Don’t look too ecstatic when you enter a new home.
    The sellers make repairs only to make them look good, but underneath everything is rotten.
    A house that has been on sale for a long time should warn you


  • Think about regular home maintenance, and how much money it costs to own a home a month.
    access trails, cuting grass, long trails, roads, gutters and more.

If you have any questions please comment below

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