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How to make a Garbage Compost bin in 4 steps - We'll help you
How to make a Garbage Compost bin in 4 steps

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How Do I Use a Garbage Can for Composting

Make a home Garbage Compost, it’s great for your flower garden or spice section, especially for those who grow their own food, you don’t want your food soaked in chemicals.
Home composting is necessary for anyone who has a small garden and wants better results.
In this short article you can start composting your trash to gold.

Tools and equipment

  • Drill or hammer
  • Plastic trash can or plastic container.
  • 3 inch pvc pipes with lid
  • saw
  • Shovel



  • Cut the PVC pipe 3 inches below the height of the garbage can
  • PVC pipe you divide it into 4 columns, per column you make 20 holes 1/4 “holes.
  • In garbage can, (32 Gallon) – Drill about 150 holes (1/4 inch). In the bottom 1/3 of the tin, this part is place underground.
  • Dig a hole about 15 inches deep, and place the garbage can inside.


Place the PVC pipe in the middle of the garbage can, and place stones of 1 inch around the pipe, the layer of stones should be about 5 inches high. it is used for ventilation of the Garbage Composting.


After you have managed to make your own compost bin you will choose a place in the garden that is hidden that will not bother you.Take a shovel dug a hole in the height of the holes and put the garbage can in it.


The floors in our compost bin

  • Combine Green and Brown Materials
  • Put inside all the organic waste your home produces.
    Leaves, food scraps, papers.
  • Water the composite mixtures once a week. your compost mixtures should be moist but not soaked with water.
    It can ruin the whole mix,
  • The Garbage Composting should be mixed with once a week.
    If you feel it is too moist you can add another PVC pipe

Hope you enjoyed the little project and do it together with the kids this fun day.
They really enjoy it and it also gives them a lot of energy.
I have included a list here to help you know what not to put in the compost bin.

What NOT to Compost

  • Anything containing meat, oil, fat, or grease
  • Diseased plant materials
  • Sawdust or chips from pressure-treated wood
  • Dog or cat feces
  • Weeds that go to seed
  • Dairy products

You may also want to know how to build your vegetable garden

If you have completed all the steps, take a photo and send it to me.

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