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How do I start planning a new kitchen - We'll help you get the job done
How do I start planning a new kitchen

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About a year ago
My wife decided we going to planning new kitchen.
Of course I took on this project, and this article will bring you my wisdom.
If you have any additional questions or suggestions
Please comment below


Don’t be afraid of bright or dark colors, go for what you like most, because in the end, it’s your kitchen, you have an option to inject your personality into the kitchen.
If you chose dark colors for the kitchen, use white glass

Kitchen Effectiveness

In this professional language it is called the golden triangle of efficiency,
You should be comfortable working between the three main areas of the kitchen.

  • countertop workspace
  • Oven and stove
  • And a sink.


Go to your old kitchen and try to imagine if you had all the storage in the world,
We want the work surface to be empty.
Where would you store everything most efficiently and start designing your new kitchen accordingly. Drawers, cabinets, baking trays, spices.


Try adjusting the work surface, next to this window will help you.
And if there is no window, you can always make one.
And a natural light-lit kitchen is amazing.

Kitchen area and guests

When planning a kitchen, check how many people the kitchen needs to host.
What amount of people are cooking with you together.
What amount of people sit down to eat at the bar.
Use imagination, and ask for help from your children.


There are trends that are really helpful for the kitchen.
And there are some that cost expensive and are actually not useful.
See what trends you put into the kitchen and whether they will serve you.
I have a hidden sink 🙂


Think about the kids and what areas of the kitchen,
High-shelf storage Things you don’t want kids to reach, knives, candy and more, planning kitchen so you can keep everyone safe.

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