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Common home window problems - We'll help you get the job done
Common home window problems

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Hey friends
We all know how annoying it is that a window doesn’t open?
Or that is off track.
Or sliding window that won’t stay up.
I will try to help you solve all the common problems and if you have any questions.
Please comment below.

How do you fix a window that won’t stay open?

Remove the window (90 degrees to the floor and it is easily removable)
Look for Pivot shoes – Once you find it, the screw is probably loose or Pivot shoes is not at the level you want it to be.
Tighten the screws on both sides.
You can also buy a new Pivot shoes that comes in a set that costs only $ 9.99 in harbor freight shop near to you.
After you fix it I recommend cleaning the rails & channel.

How do you fix a house window that is off track?

1. block & tackle

  • Remove the pane window
  • Remove the block & tackle, simply push it down and pull in your direction
  • Check the block & tackle to check that the spring is in place and not loose, also check the wires that are in place and not loose. replacing the part will solve the problem for you.

2. Dust and dirt

The easiest problem to fix.
Your tracks and channel are soiled or full of dust or unidentified objects.
Just remove the pane window, clean the channel and the rails.

part diagram

window Fabric Shade Easy to install

Hope I helped you.
If you have other problems
Please comment below

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