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What tools does every woodworker need? - We'll help you get the job done
What tools does every woodworker need?

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

Things every beginning woodworker have to know

i am a woodworking since i was a little kid, i had a toolbox that my uncle bought me.
I remember as a kid breaking down into pieces of furniture and electrical appliances with one screwdriver.
My dad and my grandfather who was a carpenter taught me everything I know today.
But today we have the social networks you can learn from, and share your information with and learn from other people.
In this article I thought to share with you my experience in woodworking and to avoid any rookie mistakes in the field, this is my experience if you are reading this and you have more advice for others I would love to hear in the comments below

Nails –

Nails- Don’t really use them, I use glue, much more convenient to use and work cleaner and safer (I buy gallon bottles)

Simple box

The first thing you need to learn is to make a simple box.
Because most of the tasks you do are box variation.
And it’s important to know how to make a simple good box.
Once you know how to make a good box, all your work will be easier.

Get a table saw

Get a table saw – This is the heart of your workshop.
Most of the work you do on it, and the most useful tool you will have.

rabbet and dados cut

Learn how to make rabbet and dados.
It will serve you because you do not have to work with tools to bind two pieces of wood.
If you learn this cutting method you are in the right direction


After we equipped our workshop with tools (saw, sanders, blade saw and other tools)
Your big spend in most cases is on the wooden boards.
Go look for free material on Craigslist or Facebook.
Your biggest expense is on lumber, no need to use expensive wood for starters.
Buy a simple pine board and try to build it, give it a smooth finish and it looks amazing.
It is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on a quality lumber and eventually ruin the job.

You will always build from a plan

There are many free software on the web that you can sketch.
There are many drawings available on the net for free

This safety is a top priority

I’m not afraid of my tools (my toys)
I really respect them and love them.
For example, how to use a table saw is really important to know.
Maintains proper maintenance.
Just buy you some good protective gear, it lasts for years.

The tools for woodworker are important

For starters don’t have to buy all the variety, work a little by hand
I do not recommend buying cheap tools, as they will destroy quickly.
Just buy you good tools that are known in the market for their reliability

And some more tips for beginner woodworking

  • It’s ok to make mistakes
  • Dry fit before you glue/screw/nail
  • Measure twice cut once
  • You can’t hold it tight, use a clamp/vice
  • It will take longer than you expect 🙂
  • Your wife will think you wasted too much time
  • The finished product won’t be anywhere near your wife’s imagined thing

If you have more advice for others I would love to hear in the comments below

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