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What should I not buy at Harbor Freight - We'll help you get the job done
What should I not buy at Harbor Freight

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

You have a harbor freight shop near to you?

It’s not a reason to go shopping at a store just because it’s cheap.
I have been a mechanic for almost 20 years, and I have a garage full of tools, over time I have learned that what is cheap is not necessarily good, I have tools that have been with me for over 20 years.

You don’t want to buy tools whose prices are too cheap

Reciprocating Saw

– I bought it for cut, egzoz tube, car body parts, and more
I made a mistake and bought the saw for $ 29.99, i am screwed big time.
The saw has not been used by me for over a week and parts of it have already begun to fall , already on the same day I bought a dewalt, true that it is also made in China, but the quality of the material is much better.
And he’s been using me for almost 5 years now, no matter how much I abuse him.

driil bit

You don’t want to get too low in price,
The quality of the steel under the HSS is cheap, and they just won’t give you the work you want to do, they break down, and don’t drill the stuff you want.
If you want to buy high quality bit drills you will pay 9.99 for each, and not for a complete set

The Cheapest drill or Impact

I have a whole stock of drills and Impact that I bought at Harbor Freight that stopped working because I bought them at a $ 29.99 deal, just warm up and stop working during work.
Once again in this case do not go down too low because you will only lose money.

Of course the Harbor Freight store is close to your home.
You can find great tools at good prices.
Not everything is bad, just pay attention to the price range, and don’t buy too cheap because it’s rubbish.
If you buy new tools that you know will be used for most of your work over time, don’t buy it for $ 19.99. Add a few bucks and buy a quality tool.

If you come across any other tools you shouldn’t buy at the harbor freight store
Please comment below

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