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How to clean gutters safely - We'll help you get the job done
How to clean gutters safely

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Why is it Important to Clean Your Gutters?

The gutters are cleaned in early spring to prepare them for the coming winter
It is also advisable to clean them again in the early fall.
At some point you will need to replace it, but we want to delay this payment.
I will bring you one way in this article to save money on cleaning your gutter.

The main reasons

  • Roof Damage – When leaves and debris are in the gutter it can cause water to penetrate the roof and cause decay
  • Residence for animals – Clogged gutters can attract unwanted animals, birds, mosquitoes.
  • Damage to brackets – The heavy weight applied to the brackets can cause them to break away from the wall
  • Disease – collection of leaves in the gutter can cause rot and fungus development, which the fungi themselves can dig into the house through the gutter.
  • If you want to maintain a proper gutter over time, paint it once a year.

How do you know if your gutters need cleaning or replacement

  • Note that there are no bent or cracked parts in the gutter, from these areas the water will get into the roof, replace them or repair them with dedicated glue
  • Rust on parts of the gutter, sign has water standing inside the gutter without any flowing movement.
    Remove the dirt from these areas, there may be a bump in the channel, try to straighten it.

The basic tools for cleaning the gutter

  • ladder
  • hose
  • rake
  • scoop
  • latex gloves & work gloves
  • two buckets

What is the fastest way to clean gutters

I recommend wearing latex gloves under the work gloves to keep your hands dry.

1. Use two buckets for the tool and one for the waste. Connect the buckets to both sides of the ladder.

2. Lay the ladder steady and someone will keep it.

3. Start collecting the dry debris with the bucket scoop.

4.After you’ve gone through all the gutters, wash all areas with a water hose, at the end of the main pipe drain, I push a stick into it with a to remove all the dirt that sticks to the gutter walls.

5. You can also use a leaf blower (I wrote a short article on how to choose the right leaf blower for your uses)

6. If you have already decided to climb the ladder to clear the drain.
Check the connections of the brackets and tighten the screws

Tip – Paint Your gutter every spring,

  1. Determine Whether or Not You Need to Remove Gutters to Paint Them
  2. Clean Your Gutters Thoroughly
  3. Apply an Appropriate Primer
  4. set an Oil Based Enamel
  5. Apply an Aluminum Appropriate Paint (with Weather Protecting) Properties
  6. have fun 🙂

If you have any questions
Please comment below

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