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What drill bit do I use - We'll help you get the job done
What drill bit do I use

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Choosing the right drill for the job

When drilling different materials
Choosing a bit drill is important to the fact that the work can be done quickly without damaging our equipment.
This article briefly and briefly explains how to choose the right drill bit for any job you think of for uses – various metal, construction, plastic, wood, glass and brick
At the end of the article I would love to hear questions and comments.

Which Drill Bit for Steel or Other Metals?

HSS – (high speed steel) drills are made of high quality carbon steel,
In chromium and vanadium addition.
This steel compound allows high speed drilling.
You can drill most types of metals, steel, aluminum metal, and more.
I recommend using oil in the drilling process to maintain the equipment.
It is not recommended to drill wood with HSS drills.

Which Drill Bit for Steel or Other Metals?

Step Bit (Unibit)

I really like using Step Bit for the simple reason that I can drill holes in different diameters without replacing components.
Adapters for a variety of uses: wood, plastic and various metals.
You can find it of different qualities.

Step Bit

Which Drill Bit for Wood?

Flat wood bit

Can adapt to quick drills of different sizes depending on need.
It is important during use not to apply excessive pressure.
Because the tree is starting to split.

Flat wood bit

Lip and spur

Another option for wood drilling.
If you use wood screws and need a specific hole.
Comes in a variety of sizes.
They can also used for plastic, just don’t press too much as the plastic won’t melt.

Lip and spur

which drill is best for bricks and concrete?

Tungsten Carbide Masonry Drill Bits

Used for drilling in reinforced concrete, concrete, stone, brick.
Impact Drill is recommended for this use

Tungsten Carbide Masonry

Which Drill Bit for Glass and Tiles?

Spear Head Bits

These drills made of tungsten carbide and suitable for drilling glass or tiles.

When drilling glass, place under cardboard or damp cloth.
Drilling is done at low speed.
Cool the drilling area with oil or water.
You can use a piece of adhesive tape in the area you want to drill to prevent the drill bit from slipping.

Spear Head Bits

Diamond Tipped or Coated Bits

These used for drilling tiles and glass.
Exactly, the uses are usually professional in the field of glass.
They made of steel coated with gravel-coated diamond chips

Diamond Tipped or Coated Bits

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