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HOW TOOLS ARE MADE - We'll help you get the job done

Tools shop

Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

What are tools made out of?

  • If you look around your workshop, you can see a variety of equipment and materials that everyone can use in some way to build or produce something,
    Whether a shelf, cutting table, welding machine or something much more complex.
    Tools are a major pillar of industry and commerce in our era
    They used us in any small or large project.
    When did you last think about the production process itself?
    What Makes Manufacturers Better Manufacturers?
    How did the concept of product design come about and how does it affect the industry?
    In this article you will learn a little more about the back of the industry ..
    lets start

Defining Moments

In ancient times, archaeologists know that the era when we began to use very basic tools, flint tools, bone tools was a significant moment in the evolution of mankind.
These tools allowed our ancestors to influence the environment and the world we live in today, allowed us to survive in the wild, hunt for food, build shelter and it allowed them to achieve more.

As we evolved more as a human kind of hand tools and electric tools, the tools themselves and the industry evolved as well, which are significant factors in today’s industry.
If we used to make tools from stones and bones and wood.
Today we have the capabilities of blacksmiths, large machines that shape the metal, molds can manufactured and whatever comes to mind.

The tools today

Today the process is more precise and specific to the customer’s requirements, the steel compound is precise, the type of wood is chosen according to the requirements.
Measurements are made with computerized tools – while considering the purpose of the tool.
Today it is also possible to give the tool a predetermined life span.
You can tell afterwards how many uses the hammer handle will break.
How much power it takes to break a wrench.
The plant produces the tools according to the requirements.
 Of course it is possible to produce a tool that will last for years but there is no interest for companies to do so, because they want you to keep buying.
And a product that lasts for years, its cost to us customers more expensive.

After choosing a design, the tools will usually be produced using injection molds of metal and plastic, today there are printers that have improved the process of making molds and tools faster and cheaper.

Industrial design.

Nowadays, the whole process done through Occupational Safety and Health.
After accidents and research, all the time this area is improving to higher levels.
Most tools in the world are based on one-handed operation.
The designers today think about the convenience and efficiency of the tool with one hand.
The success of tools begins with design!

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