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HOW TO USE AIR COMPRESSOR - We'll help you get the job done

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Various uses of air compressor

When buying a new tool, you need to know how to operate it.
An air compressor is an easy-to-use tool if you know what to do next.
With this article you can do a wider range of jobs in the future.

  • Paint your home like a pro
  • Washing a house externally
  • Power washers
  • Clean up your messes quickly
  • Crank up the heat in a hurry
  • Inflate your pool tubes
  • Pumping tires up


Make sure you have all the work equipment you need.
It is important to work in a clean work environment.
Follow the steps below and you’re in good hands

  • Connected hose – This can be checkedwhen the machine is operated to put a finger on the air outlet from the hose.
  • Check if the dials respond and work.
  • The machine is on a straight surface
  • Always make sure your air compressor power switch is “inactive”when not in use


The preparations are according to the type of compressor you have.
I will list all three.

Electric Compressor – Operate with socket connection, easy and convenient
Oil compressor – check the oil level before operating and fill if necessary. This is important because the compressor will not work properly and can be damaged.
Gas compressor – check that there is enough gasoline to run that you want
Only now will you click Activate ?

Find the Right Pressure

After operating the machine
Check the pressure you need for the job
There are several metrics – PSI pressure in the tank itself, CFM pipe pressure (air flow)
It is important to know what air pressure is right for your tool for optimal operation


The tank is full, amazing!
It’s time to connect the special attachment to the pipe and start your DIY project.
I will explain the types of air compressor connections

  • Hose
  • Tool Attachments
  • Blowgun
  • Drill
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Sander
  • Fittings and Adapters

Switch off

After we finished painting

  • Turn off the pressure gauge.
  • Turns off the compressor
  • Disconnecting the power source
  • Release all the air from the tank

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