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How Use table saw step by step - We'll help you get the job done
How Use table saw step by step

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

Types of table saw

Table saw cuts straight lines with rotating blade.
Make accurate cuts, not all jobs are done with a table saw.
It is usually used,
If you want to turn from beginner to professional you need one.

We have several types:
1. Portable – Lightweight fit for outdoor work.
2. Contractor Table Saws(stationary) – home jobs, carpentry, construction
3. Hybrid – home jobs, carpentry, construction heavier-duty and larger pieces of wood
4. Cabinet – Used for all jobs, but not fit for small cuts.


What is the best table saw for a beginner?

Benchtop – it is relatively small for the rest, it is mostly fit for beginners, and for those who do not have a large workshop.
They are very lightweight and the price is easy too.
Compact saws are larger than benchtop come with a stable stand that allows you to do bigger jobs.
In most cases they come with wheels, so it’s really convenient to work with them on work sites,
When I built the deck I used it and it was amazing.

What is a table saw good for?

Stationary Table

What is the best cabinet table saw on the market?

Stationary saws, they are heavy and are usually used by professionals,
You can cut large pieces of wood with them, very sturdy and heavy
Three types – contractor, hybrid, and cabinet table saws.

Contractor table saws – a very heavy table saw, it opens very wide.
And allow for big jobs

Hybrid table saws – This is a saw that tempers contractor and cabinet models with rotating blade.

Cabinet saw – found in most workplaces and workshops.
Very strong made of steel, very durable, I would marry him

What is a table saw good for?

Parts of a Table Saw

What are the parts of a table saw?

  • Table: The flat top that sits atop the base of the table
  • Fence: The long guide parallel to the blade allows us to make precise cuts.
  • Fence Dog: lever that locks the fence in place, hold the fence does not move while cutting.
  • Blade Height Adjustment Wheel: Allows you to lift or lower the blade vertically.
  • Blade Angle Adjustment Wheel: Allows you to change the cutting angle.
    Lets us cut complex angles, lets us do special jobs.
  • Power button: Turns the saw on and off.
  • Rotating blade

Table saw accessories

What should I use for a table saw top?

Blades & accessories

Standard: 8 to 10 inches in diameter and 1/8 in. Wide.
Dado: Used for smooth, precise grooves and grooves, allows us to make complex connections in wood.
Wobble: A slanted blade relative to the table plane, allows us to create cuts at different angles, and allows us to do more complex work

Blade cover – usually made of plastic, covers the blade for safety.

Pushblock – as it is, allows us to work more safely and keep ten fingers.

Wax on a Table Saw – Friction prevents, and the material slides into the blade easily

How do you make a table saw safe?

Table saws are very dangerous tools that can cause serious injury the right protective equipment is not used,
When you not working correctly . working with Table saws requires focus and attention to the small details, you can hurt yourself

Before getting started –
Wear protective glasses, hearing protection, dust mask.
Remove jewelry rings and necklaces and bracelets from your body.
These things can be caught while working.

  • Always use the guide.
  • Use use pushblock.
  • Always work on one side of the saw.
    Do not let others work in front of the blade.
  • Always use the blade guard that comes with the saw and if you don’t have one, buy one!
  • Your action is always done behind the blade never from the top or the front.
  • Never use gloves!
How do you feed wood to a table saw?
How do you make a table saw safe?

Which way do you cut ?

We have three types of cuts:
cross cut, ripping cut and a dado cut.
I break down on everyone..

  • Cross cut: A cut made against the fiber direction of the tree.
  • Ripping cut: A cut made along the fibers
  • Dado cut: Groove or ditch made in the wood.
    Usually for connections
What side of the table saw should the fence be on?

Let’s start cutting wood

How do you measure wood before cutting?

  • Wear protective equipment for ears and eyes
  • Set the blade so that it will pass through the thickness of the wood, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch in height.
  • Measure the distance of the saw from the fence and adjust it to your needs.
  • Hold the piece of wood against the fence and forcefully push it toward the fence.
  • Place your fingers and hand behind the piece of wood, use a pushblock.
  • Lower the blade guard and turn on the table saw.
  • Push the wood against the saw in the force, push down and forward, push gently but with strength.
  • When you push the tree, keep the blade distance of at least 20 inches from your fingers.
    Used in pushblock for the last part of the cut.
  • Turn it off
How To Use a Table Saw
cutting wood

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