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How to Use a Sander - We'll help you get the job done
How to Use a Sander

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Years of experience in tools. Construction and woodworking. All this knowledge I bring to you for free

How do I know what sandpaper to use?

The variety and uses of paper sander and sanders is very wide
But everyone needs a machine like this at home.
After you have used the saw to cut the wood, you need to remove the cut marks of the saw to get a smooth finish on the wood board
Sanders Paper – The higher the number of paper, the smoother the finish.

What are the different types of sandpaper?

Sanders Paper

The higher the number of paper, the smoother the finish.
I mainly use three types,
You don’t have to buy more than these three types, it’s enough for any job you want to do.

  • 80 grit – Used for shaping, removing paint from a surface, rounding corners
    If you have attached two pieces of board and you want a smooth finish in the connection area where the saw left marks, this is the paper you use.
  • 120 grit – Also designed to round corners, flatten wood bumps, flatten the wood board to a uniform thickness, this is usually a sandpaper that I buy more regularly than the rest that is somewhere in the middle.
  • 220 grit – very rough sandpaper, designed to remove large pieces of wood, it is important to work with it gently, you may damage the surface thickness and create uneven parts.

In my opinion 120 grit is enough to finish, no need to sanding beyond, it is unnecessary wasting valuable time.
Think of it as you also give to the board polish with oil or any other product.
And he actually brings the piece of wood to the smooth and shiny finish you want

Lacquer & primer layer

Spread one layer, let it dry, and gently start sanding with 220 paper to remove the air bubbles that formed in the first layer.
It is important to clean the dust that is collected after sanding, apply the second layer and you have a smooth layer!

Safety is key for sanders

Be sure to wear all protective gear before starting work in power sander, goggles and dust mask
Always make sure the air flows into the work area.
The dust is very dangerous to the lungs.

What are the different types of Sanders?

Orbital sanders

They are lightweight and can be used on plastic, wood and metal.
They don’t rotate around the axis, they also move sideways to prevent scratches on the surface.
Just turn it on, and start working on the surface uniformly.
Check the surface (with your hand) until it feels smooth.

Belt sanders

Very aggressive used mainly for construction sites, or for work that you need to remove a lot of material and fast, such as signs of saw cutting.
 I do not recommend working with her in woodworking, it can cause a lot of damage.
You can set it upside down on the table to gain more control over the work.

bench sander

A combination of sander belt and sander disk
Allows us to do more precise work, comes with an adjustable table that allows us to create angles on the wood, I really like to use it for small and precise work

spindle sander

Very useful mainly for curved edges, and round internal cuts.
The Spindle Sander Sleeves can be replaced with different sizes and diameters.
The movement is up and down and in rotary motion.

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