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How to Remove Stickers From Wood - We'll help you get the job done
How to Remove Stickers From Wood

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How do you remove stickers easily

Everyone knows how annoying it is to remove a sticker from our furniture.
Usually because of the kids.
So I’ll give you some good tips.

Before you start some things you need to prepare.

Blowdryer to start remove stickers


Aim the Blowdryer at one corner of the sticker.
Distance of 5 CM.
low heat setting
Aim for the same area for about 15 to 20 seconds.


  • Start pulling the sticker with the tweezers, but keep warming the area.
    Gently pull until the entire sticker is removed.
  • Absorb the rag with alcohol and rub, not too strong.
    Until all adhesive is removed.

Comment below if you have a question

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