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How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer - We'll help you get the job done
How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

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How does hand sanitizer work?

Coronavirus: how to deal with it when soap and water are not available, when you are outside, use a hand sanitizer.
The ethyl alcohol destroys bacteria and viruses by denatating the proteins of the cells that protect the bacterium or virus.

The ingredients for making hand sanitizer

  • Isopropyl or ubbing alcohol (between 70 and 99 percent alcohol volume)
  • aloe vera gel (You can also use the plant)
  • Essential oil (Or lemon juice)
  • Proportion is 2 alcohols for every 1 aloe (grams, cup)

Hand sanitizer recipe

The preparation of the hand sanitizer

  • 2 cup of Isopropyl or ubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup of aloe vera gel (make yourself)
  • 6 drops of essential oil or lemon juice

How to bind the ingredients

  • Pour all ingredients into a bowl of the appropriate size
  • Mix everything together, you can use electric tools.
  • Notice the density of the ointment (you can add more aloe if you feel)
  • Put in a squeeze bottle and close the lid.

How to use hand sanitizer

I’ll give you some tips to sterilize your hands

  • One click on the squeeze bottle.
  • Cover the entire area of the palm, and between the fingers, fingernails is a very infected place, notice the sanitizer gets there too.
  • Rubbed your palms for about thirty seconds

What bacteria can kill hands?

According to CDC

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