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HOW DO YOU PROPERLY USE A CHAINSAW - in three simple steps

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Chainsaw Tips for Beginners:

How do you use a chainsaw for beginners?

What should you not do with a chainsaw?

How do I stop a kickback chainsaw?

What should you not do with a chainsaw?

If that’s what you’re looking for, I can help you.
At the end of the article you will be left with two hands connected.

1. Know the capacity of your saw

When you start working you need to know the limits of your machine.
There are many options for choosing a chainsaw, size does matter in this case.
The importance of bars for the type of work you want to do, short ones are used for branches, long ones are used for felling trees

Then you select the type of saw and type of work and adjust your chainsaw function.
Let’s start with safety checks.

  • Check chain tension, not tight or loose
  • Check that there are no loose parts or loose screws.
  • Make sure your environment is free of objects that can interfere with you during work.
  • Make sure teeth and cutting edges are sharp, if not sharpened properly, it can maintain the quality of the saw
  • Oil the chain according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Get the most protective gear on the market

It is important to note that chainsaw is a tool that can kill and seriously injure.
Be sure to wear protective gear even when you don’t have the power to wear it.
Murphy’s Law states that anything can happen.

Required in any chainsaw job:

  • Safety goggles or goggles
  • Ear protection
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective footwear
  • A pair of thick saw blades

3. How do you start a chainsaw engine

  • Place it on a flat surface
  • Check gasoline and oil.
  • Note that there is no one but you in the area.
  • Make sure the bar is not around obstacles.
  • Always operate the saw with the chain brake activated, we want to check it correctly before using.
  • Open the Choke
  • Place your right foot on the back handle to maintain stability while starting.
  • Do not try to trigger the drop start saw if you are starting out.
  • Hold the rope and not wrap it on the palm of your hand.
  • Do not try to move the saw if the bar is stuck in the tree.
  • Read the safety guide you received

4. First steps in cutting

Are you ready?
The first chainsaw cutting.
Hold it tightly with both hands, make a small hole with your shoes in the ground, it will give you stability.
If you’ve come out of the cut and want to re-enter, take extra care to avoid kickbacks.

If you are cutting down trees, the cut is done at the waist level

5. How to Avoid Kickback

kickback is a red zone, it even happens to most pros,
This usually happens when the end of the saw hits a hard object.
If you are at the beginning, I again remind you to buy the best protective gear.

6. Chainsaw proper maintenance

Proper maintenance maintains the tools and extends life.

  • Make sure all parts and screws are tight and in place.
  • If the saw is not in use, empty the fuel tank.
  • Clean the air filter after each job.
  • Clean the chain, and grease it before storing

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