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How do you properly paint a wall - We'll help you get the job done
How do you properly paint a wall

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When painting a wall where do you start?

How to Paint a Wall in 3 step

When the walls in the house scream at you, please paint me.
There are some things you need to know before …
We come to help you save money and problems in this process.

The key to painting success, a wall is in preparation before painting.
It is very important to clean the wall of dust to prevent it
Air bubble buildup.
Apply a primer layer to “build” a frame of paint on the wall.
And start to paint inside.


1. Preparing Your Work Area

Remove all pictures, nails and screws, (no need to remove socket, and light panels)

2. Clear the room

Clear the room from all the furniture and electronics equipment.
If it’s a small room without a lot of accessories, you can put it in the center of the room and cover it with a dedicated nylon.

3. Lay down a drop cloth

On the floor you can paste newspapers with paint tape.
You can also use old rags or plastic sheets.

4. Clean the surface

Gently clean the wall with a damp cloth (not soaked in water)
We want the wall dry.
Do this several times thoroughly on the entire wall.
There’s no need to start rubbing the wall with stains, because we’re going to paint it.
Remember the purpose of this action is to remove dust only.

5. Cover the surfaces

Notice: cover between the wall and floor connection.
It is important to put painter’s tape.
We are not painting the ceiling !!
Cover the socket, and light panels, around the socket you can cut the excess of the tape with a knife.
We do the same operation along the doorway and windows


6. Applying Primer

Buy a bucket of primer. In most jobs, a standard white primer will not need an expensive brand.

This process is important because the better this layer,
Your wall will look perfect!

7. Start rolling

Roll the primer along the wall.
Notice that you are doing it uniformly.
Get a little tip from me, I use the lamp and illuminate the wall so that you can see the differences

8. handheld paintbrush

Work the primer into areas you can’t roll.
The work with handheld paintbrush is for the small corners, around the socket, and light panels and the door frame.

9. 4 hours drying (look at  the instructions for what you bought)

It is important to give it a good drying.
Do not paint on a wet primer that will ruin all work.
You can open windows in the room for better drying.


10. Painting the Wall

When choosing a color, consider the following:
Texture and desired finish to the wall (matte gloss and more)
Generally enough a single gallon to cover 400 square miles.

You can use pastels to get the color you want.
That’s the possibility I like.
Before painting a whole wall, do a little test on a piece of plywood.
It is important to mix the paint well good for at least a minute.

11. Painting the corners

Starting with the corners, door frames and going inside.
All this is done with brush.
Dip it in color and let it drip a little.

12. Painting the wall

Start painting in M or W shape
With the roller.
Use my tip with the lamp to see color differences.

Coats painting
Each layer has to wait a minimum of two hours
I recommend 2 layers total

Let the wall dry for 24 hours.
And check your results.

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