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Some multiple questions -How prepare your lawn

  • How do I prepare my lawn for the summer?
  • Can i stop my grass burning in the summer?
  • How do I make my grass green in the summer?
  • And more…


In the spring we are already start getting ready for summer, so that in the summer we will have an amazing lawn for BBQ.
As summer approaches, we need to take a few steps to have a greener lawn, the lawn can look unhealthy and sparse in some areas.
The grass is regularly damaged by the sun rays.
Making sure the lawn is ready for summer will keep it from burning.
At the end of this article your lawn will be greener than your neighbors ?

How do you prepare soil for grass?

A PH test in the soil will help you prepare the soil and the lawn success depends on it.
Soil is a variable thing, it is important to test before planting because the level of acidity is different from time to time.
In hot areas the PH level is more basic.
Under rainy conditions PH is more acidic.

After you do the tests you can fertilize the soil accordingly,
For example, if acidic soil requires additives, lime, wood ash or dolomite limestone.
The samples to be tested should be taken from five different grassland areas.
An article that extends the topic

Chopping the grass

In winter and spring, chopping the grass is an important task.
The grass blades will be young and beautiful,
This part is important in itself because of the revival of the young leaves.
Once a week during the winter.

With the arrival of summer chopping the lawn is done twice a week.
It is important to keep the grass short and young.
Note: If you start chopping the lawn in the summer that is already long, the lawn will suffer from trauma, and parts of the lawn will start to have yellow parts.

The purpose of chopping before promising young and green blades, it will help the waves and sunlight can enter easily.
During winter, it is important to store the tools in good conditions before running them to check oil and water.
To ensure that your tools work effectively.

Get rid of stones and weeds

Before the summer enters weeds and moss come out and take over different areas of the lawn.
You can start clearing the moss stones and various weeds, they are disturbing to the grass to thrive.
Chemical treatment can be used – it is important to check before using the correct measure.
Of course this can be done manually, but the roots need to be removed effectively.
The more weeded out you are when you are small during the winter, you will have less work in the summer
Because spring move they tend to spread and breed

Feed me

It is important to choose a suitable fertilizer for your lawn, and your lawn type.
It is important to feed it throughout the seasons to develop strong roots and healthy, powerful blades that can handle the sun.
Feeding should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions and according to the type of grass.

If you are in cool areas – fertilize the grass in early spring with high nitrogen fertilizer.
If you are in warm areas – fertilize the lawn during the spring and summer months.
I promise you these tips will get you some amazing grass

How do you prepare ground for grass seed

After the winter season, spaces tend to be in your lawn.
Seeds can be re-planted.
Pay attention to the type of seeds you choose.
Before planting, scoop the soil.
Make sure the seed surface is uniform.
Put water gently and expect grass blades after about a week.

What is the best time to water your lawn?

Lawn watering depends on the living area.
In hot areas the lawn should be watered in the evening.
In the cooler areas, it is recommended to water the lawn in the absence of rainfall.
If the soil is under the grass, you will need to drill it with a rake or suitable tool.

Use Pulsating Sprinklers
Use a throbbing sprinkler
Get a timer.

Clay soil – watering once a week.
Sandy soils – every three days
Do not water too much, as this can cause fungus

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