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COMMON GARAGE DOOR PROBLEMS - Easy repair in three steps

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How do you diagnose a garage door problem?

The garage door opens tens of thousands of times a year,
The importance of proper garage door maintenance will save you time and headaches.
Sometimes there is no need to call a professional, there are things we can do ourselves to save money on garage door repair.
I will try to help you in this short article and if you have any questions I would love to hear.

Prepare the tool and bottle of water

1. Why is my garage door making noise?

In most cases it is loose screws.
Try to find the source of the noise, tighten the screws in the area and grease the rails.

If you notice that the screw is old or rusty.
replace it

2. How do I fix the gap between my garage door and floor?

The best solution in my opinion in this case.
In insulated material at the bottom of the garage door.
It is preferable that it is made of soft material, and if that is not enough you can add a wooden or aluminum beam to the correct dimensions, and put a rubber seal at the bottom

3. Why is my garage door closing and then opening?

The springs at the top of the door are grounded, replace them it doesn’t require too much work.
We recommend replacing the entire set of springs at the door.
It is likely that if one is destroyed, all other springs will be destroyed soon.
Usually every two to four years they require a replacement.

4. Door closes then immediately opens

The problem in this case lies with the alignment of your garage door’s photo-eye.
It may just be out of place and should be returned.
Inactive and need new.

It’s important to note that this is a safety accessory, and if you have an indication that it is broken, buy a new one.


In this case, you need to check two things.
If the wheels are intact and not broken
If the rails are clean, this should solve the problem for you.

6. The door closes faster than usual

The problem is that the springs are likely out of place, or their connection is loose.
Recommend that you check if the problem is with the cables, they may be torn

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